A unique soccer program

Never seen in Naples Florida !

The Program

Focused on the training methodology of the "Real Madrid Foundation".



The values of the Real Madrid Foundation.

  • Motivation
  • Self-esteem
  • Respect
  • Fellowship
  • Autonomy
  • Equality
  • Health


Our objectives through an educational and comfortable environment.

  • Providing a unique experience.
  • Improving soccer IQ and skills.
  • Teaching RMF values.
  • Team and individual development.
  • Living through sport.


We work under the methodology of the "Real Madrid Foundation" to train youth players. A unique combination of theoretical knowledge and physical activities aimed at achieving specific objectives in each session.

"The Real Way" consists of achieving the objectives and content established for each session based on the abilities of the boys/girls and according to our style of play.

Our trainers will raise the exercises with a progressive difficulty, in such a way that there is an overcoming from simpler tasks to achieve the most complex ones, explaining at all times the reason for each work element.



Our coaches follow the "The Real Way" methodology and are a fundamental part of achieving the objectives set in the program.

The coaches are trained to carry out individual and group monitoring of the players, just as is done in the "Real Madrid Foundation".

Who are we

Fundación Real Madrid   +   UDAG Naples City FC LLC

Roger Garfield

Fundación Real Madrid

A foundation that improves lives using sport to educate in values, integrate and contribute to the development of society, in addition to being a universal benchmark in the use of sport as an educational tool and for social integration.

Roger Garfield


A company formed by spanish professional coaches, focused on bringing a soccer program to Naples, Florida, based on the training methodology of the "Real Madrid Foundation".

What we Offer

In our soccer Program focused on the training methodology of one of the best teams in the world, "Real Madrid Foundation".


We provide a training program led by coaches with global experience.



We bring a Spanish Technical Director from Real Madrid Foundation who will lead the soccer program.


A program oriented to teams and individuals to make sure that your son or daughter receives the support they need.


We transmit the sense of belonging to all the players who are or were members of the institution, teaching them priceless values for their personal development as athletes and human beings.


We offer international programs for your son or daughter to have an unforgettable European experience!

Questions ?

If you have any additional questions about the programs offered, send us your query.

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